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Why Would Anyone Want to be a Writer?

It seems like one of those jobs everyone wants, considers to be glamorous, and to be highly paid. In fact, most writers make very little money, sell very few books, and are totally unknown. A few have highly paid creative jobs, mostly in advertising.  So herewith are five downsides to being a writer and five upsides.

Downsides to becoming a writer:

1. You can work for years on a project you may never be able to sell.

2. You never know if what you’ve written is good enough.

3. Reading rejection letters becomes a way of life.

4. People look at you strangely when you say you are a writer.

5. The editor always seems to have the last word.

Upsides to becoming a writer:

1. You get to work for years on your project with nobody looking over your shoulder and it just might pay off.

2. You get to write in your own style and your own words, which are always good enough.

3. Rejection letters mean you are submitting. For every 17 rejections, on average you get one sale. That’s pretty good odds.

4. People leave you alone when they discover you are a writer (unless you are a famous one, then they idolize you). Either one is good.

5. The editor makes your book so much better than you could ever make it by yourself.

A writer’s life is mostly a battle of wits with a blank computer screen. It takes a huge amount of work, time and effort to produce a good book. (Notice I said GOOD book. Bad books take a whole lot less time.) So why be a writer? Because every so often, in a completely unpredictable way, all that work and effort pays off big in influence and at times money.

And isn’t that just like every other job we do?


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