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The Truth About Writing

I’ve been having a bit of fun the last few days with writers. However, the serious part of al lthis is that writers do, in ways most other people don’t, exert more influence in more ways than any other group of people.

This includes writers of political speeches, writers of fiction, non-fiction, (not three separate categories by the way) and other more esoteric compositions, who reach a wide audience with their materials. It does matter how well they write but they do have great influence.

For instance, it is not the products that sell, it is the copy written by creative writers that sells. It is not the politician who sells, it is the speech he or she gives. A business guru becomes a business guru because of the books he or she writes.

For virtually everyone, ask yourself which came first, the book or the fame. The answer will be obvious.

Isn’t it time you wrote your book?


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  • http://OrenPardes.com Oren Pardes

    There are far more books written by people who are NOT famous than by those who are. I’m not sure what percentage of famous people who have written books became so as a result of their book(s), but am pretty sure that a much higher percentage of their books are bought and read after they became famous – especially since quite of few them only wrote a book at all as a result of people’s interest in them.

    It often seems that although there is much more to read than ever before, many people don’t seem to read much at all – in print or online. Many newspapers, bookstores, and publishing houses find themselves going out of business – due to reduced demand for what they offer. Even public libraries are closing and those that stay open are throwing away many books and refusing to accept book donations. Yet that has not reduced the influence of writers – of songs, screen plays, television scripts, and advertising.

    I have more books than I know what to do with. Many of them I have never read – and am not sure I ever will. My now adult daughter (and everyone else in her class each) wrote a (hardcover) book (of original stories) in elementary school. Very few copies were printed and they went mainly to family members, but at least she can claim being a published author. My father has written several (technical) books (in the field of electrical engineering and computer science). My mother’s mother wrote a book mainly about her experience working for UNICEF. The closest I’ve ever come to writing a book are various blog posts and comments on the internet. I doubt my very limited influence would increase by writing a “real” book – especially when so few people seem to read or respond to much of what I usually write about.

    • http://www.writingformarketers.com Lee Pound

      Oren, this is a very good response and you make a lot of excellent points. I must say though, that reading of all kinds is still very much alive. It happens in different places than it used to and in different formats. It is interesting that electronic books, which are still books, are outselling paper books. It is also true that many of these books, of both kinds, are never read. I have quite a few books on my shelf that I have not read.

      You mentioned that writers still have influence, which is true. The fact that you wrote and published a book often has more influence than the book itself. It is an entree to speaking engagements and radio appearances. The meeting planner may never read the book but its existence influences the planner. Many books are unread until they are made into movies or television series. Two of these are Soul Surfer and The Help, mostly unknown until the movie came out.

      Like everything else, writing a book is a tool for a larger goal. Becoming influential is a long-term project that involves many pieces. The book is an important part of it but not the only part.

      By the way, to be realistic, a book that sells one million copies reaches less than 3/1000 of the population of the United States and is considered to be a huge best seller. Influence is built on reputation, word of mouth, and hard work as well as a book and speaking.