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The Truth About Selling

Yes, it is possible to sell a lot of stuff. As they say, some people can sell snow to Alaskans in mid-winter. But not everyone. And, by the way, wouldn’t you feel awful if you got taken in by that snow salesman?

People like to buy stuff. They buy billions of dollars worth of goods every year, in stores and online. They buy everything you can think of from thousands of retailers almost like you. The difference? Those retailers are getting the sale, not you.


Many people have a tendency to sell, sell, sell, thinking that will get purchasers. It might but they won’t be happy and they may never come back. The successful sellers attract buyers with messages that touch the buyers deepest fears, desires, and passions. They find out who their market is and place their message where their market will find it. They write their message in a way that speaks to the individual even if the mailing went to thousands.

The bottom line is that if you write a poor message, you will get poor results. If you write about yourself, you will get poor results. If, on the other hand, you write about your customer in a way that creates an emotional connection, you will get great results.

We’ll talk more in future posts about how to create that buying connection with your writing.


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