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The Top Ten Things Writers do Before Starting Their Book

Writers are notorious for taking a long time to get started on their book. Over the years I’ve looked at the actual actions writers take at the very beginning level. Here are the ten best:

10. Decide where to put the new computer. They do this even if they write on a pad of paper.

9. Walk the dog.

8. Clean their desk off. I mean every bit of paper, every email, anything that could get in the way of writing. Of course, this can take a very long time.

7. Join a writers group. (If you can find one that will take you.)

6. Think about the possible first sentence for a very long time, while walking, while eating, while drinking with friends, anyplace but where you could actually write it.

5. Stare for hours at a blank computer screen. For some reason this is supposed to generate creativity. Mostly it creates utter boredom.

4. Walk the dog again. Or feed it. Or something. That dog always needs something.

3. Think about the second sentence, even if there is no first sentence yet. After all it has to be better than nothing.

2. Take a deep breath and write a short first chapter.

1. Delete that first chapter, throw the computer out the window and start with step #10 all over again.

Happy writing!!



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