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The Top Ten Reasons Most Writers Don't Write

We hear about blocks and procrastination all the time. However, there are ten very important reasons most writers never finish their work. They are:

10. Writers have to work a day job to pay the bills.

9. You’d be exhausted too if you had to work ten hours a day.

8. They’ve got writers block. (Curious disease that seems to have no cure, cannot be diagnosed, and which has been known to vanish entirely in an instant.)

7. They censor out all the good ideas because they aren’t good enough.

6. They keep revising and revising and revising and revising and …

5. They spend all their writing time in conferences and classes. (Good idea, to a point)

4. The computer crashed. (Ever heard of backups?)

3. Someone told them they might actually have to market their book themselves. (What a concept!)

2. There just aren’t enough hours in a day!

1. The dog needs a walk.


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  • http://orenpardes.com Oren Pardes

    There as many reasons people don’t write as there are that they do. I’ve never kept a journal and can’t read most of the notes I’ve written by hand. I had my computer AND back-ups stolen (with all my personal information). Not only were photos, videos, and music lost forever, but so were years of ideas and information I had collected or created. What I have left is mainly what’s posted online. I’m already on my third ream of paper trying to print out what I can find and access from various sites. I don’t have the discipline or patience to just sit and write – but if the amount of paper I’m filling up with what I’ve already somehow managed to write is any indication, there could be enough for at least one book – if someone were willing to (help) organize and edit it (together). It’s been a long time since I’ve read a lot of what I wrote, but starting to do so now has made me realize that not only  had a lot to say, but often said it pretty well. Do you think more people would read something in a book than in a blog – or is anyone reading anything at all mainly a matter of marketing?

    • http://www.writingformarketers.com Lee Pound

      You are absolutely right, there are many reasons to write and not to write. I had a bit of fun with it but I was serious as well. it sounds like you have written more than perhaps 90% of the people out there. From your comments in the past, I can tell you think carefully and have a sense of humor as well, all great ingredients for a writer. It’s not so much a matter of whether more people will read a book as opposed to a blog. I think different people have different preferences and you will reach more people if you use both the book and the blog. Sounds like you need a good editor and coach to help you get your material organized and make sense of it, which is what I do.