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The Ten Top Reasons Marketers Fail

There are a lot of reasons businesses don’t succeed at marketing themselves well. Here are the most important:

10. They try to sell to everyone and end selling to nobody.

9. They don’t focus on selling one thing really well.

8. Everything is about the business, not the customer.

7. They create all their marketing themselves.

6. They never ask for the order.

5. They hate selling.

4. They chase customers rather than enticing them in.

3. They don’t stand out from the crowd.

2. They are scared to ask a fair price for what they do.

1. They forget to tell anyone they are in business.

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  • Susan_Saldibar

    Wow, so true, Lee. I’d like to know more about enticing rather than chasing. We are all so good at chasing, often chasing our own tails!

    • http://www.writingformarketers.com Lee Pound

      Hi Susan,
      There really is too much chasing. The best way to entice is to build an image that attracts people to you through social media, blogging, and your web site. I just finished a whole book on this subject called Profitable Social Media that goes into this in detail. People love to buy but they hate to be sold. Seems like a contradiction but it’s the way it works.