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The 10 scariest things that can happen to a writer

In honor of Halloween, I am proposing the 10 scariest things that can happen to a writer, especially one who is desperate to publish with a commercial publisher. These are just mine and nobody else’s. I would love to hear some of yours.

10. Nobody buys your books.

9. Every agent you ask rejects your book.

8. Your computer crashes and you lose everything.

7. Your writing group says you can’t write.

6. You’ve always been terrible at grammar.

5. You get badly criticized by everyone.

4. Nobody responds to your social media posts.

3. Your writing doesn’t sell anybody on anything.

2. There’s a typo in your book.

1. People buy a whole lot of your books and make you a celebrity.



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  • Steve Amos

    Great ghoulish list. Who would want to be a …. celebrity!