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Six Reasons Authors Have Trouble Selling Books

It’s a well-known fact in the book industry that over 90 percent of all books published (by commercial publishers) don’t make their advance back. This is usually the fault of the author who thinks the publisher will do all the marketing. Maybe for Stephen King but not so much for the no-names.

Here’s why so many books don’t sell:

1. The book was written for everyone in the world (and nobody in particular)

2. How many published books currently on the market can you name in the next ten seconds? Five or more and you get the grand prize. One is still above average.

3. Most of those books are just plain awful.

4. Why haul a heavy book around when you can fill up your e-reader with a bunch of trash and brag about how many thousand books you have on your Kindle? Who cares if you never read them?

5. Authors think the easy chair is the best place to be when the publisher releases your book. And who wants to be on TV anyway?

6. Where on earth did all the bookstores go??!


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