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Intercultural Enjoyment

This was a kind of take-it-easy evening. We had originally planned to go to a drumming circle but remembered at the last minute that it is next week so we stayed home instead and played board games with our new student from Korea.

We started with that old stand-by, Uno, which is easy to play and doesn’t require much thought. Then we moved on to Set, my wife’s favorite game. It’s a pattern recognition game that does require a lot of thought and the ability to find patterns quickly. We also played a version of Set that uses dice in the pattern recognition scheme. Finally we played a game of Quirkle, also made by the makers of Set and based on the same principles.

All of these games require you to recognize groups of patterns and earn points based on what you do with them. It’s a bit complicated to if you want to know the details I’m sure there is a lot on the Internet about them.

The point of this article is that the games provided a common bond between us and our student. He does speak fairly good English but there is usually some communication gap in such situations. Tonight we all had fun and language didn’t matter.

This is just a simple story of a fun evening but it shows you how we can all enjoy ourselves together even when we are from different cultures.


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