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Welcome to my story blog. I will post one new story here every day. You are welcome to comment on any or all of them. Enjoy!
                   --Lee Pound

Day 97 - Theft

There was one minute left in the football game. The Tigers had the ball on their own twenty yard line. It was fourth down and fifteen yards to go. They were behind 30-24.

Hopeless, you might think and mostly you’d be right. Very few teams ever come back from such a situation. But a few have and a few have come very close.

Let me introduce you to quarterback Billy Dean. He’s a senior who has led the team for the past three years. He holds no records, passes reasonably well and the team has a winning record. Barely but it is a winning record.

Billy’s calling the plays and he sends the right end out as far as he can get and fires a pass. What’s he got to lose? The ball sails down field and the end grabs it and goes down immediately. The ref measures. It’s enough, first and ten to go.

Forty-five seconds. Billy tosses another one, this time to the left end Sammy Weil. Sammy catches it and runs to the thirty, twenty, ten, and he’s down five yards from the goal. Twenty seconds left now and Billy takes his last timeout. He’s got three downs but time for just one more play.

He calls the signals, steps back and pumps his arm toward the left end. A crowd of defenders comes after him and he races to the left as time runs down. The halfback comes running across the field. Billy lowers his arm and sticks the ball in the halfback’s arms but he doesn’t let go and slips it back out and stands still.

The halfback, without the ball, races to the right, followed by most of the opposing players eager to get in on the tackle. Billy, the ball hidden in his arms, stands still until the players have raced past him, then walks toward the end zone as if the game is over. He crosses the goal line and stands there. The halfback is smothered by a crowd of tacklers just two yards from the goal line. The opposing team lets out a wild dance of joy at stopping the runner.

The referees untangle the pile of players just to make sure. They find no ball and look over at Billy standing just behind the goal line with a smile on his face and the ball in his arms. The referee looks at the halfback and then at Billy, then raises his arms to signal a touchdown. The crowd goes wild in the same instant that the opposing team falls silent.

The extra point? Yes, they make it and win the game by one.

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