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Day 90 - Improv, Video Style

There are times when a task has to be done and you have to make do with what is available. That’s what’s happened to me over the past few days.

I’ve been making a video to present some information on writing skills and marketing. It’s somewhat complicated in that it includes live video and screen capture scenes. And of course, since is the first long video of this type I’ve made, I didn’t have the up to date equipment and software to make it happen.

First the good news. I do have good video editing software and a good camera. After that it goes downhill. The biggest takeaway from this experience is that there are always ways to make what you want happen even if the experts don’t approve or say you should use some other way.

Second, here are my big problems and my solutions. If you watch the video when it comes out in a day or so, let me know how they worked.

The biggest problem was audio recording. I have a good recording program but for some reason the microphones were giving me problems. The recording volume was far to low and nothing I did helped. That made the audio only sequences potentially not very good.

Solution? Instead of using the microphone, I recorded the audio sequences with the video camera and edited it in my video software. One function lets you split a video file into video and audio files. I did that, got rid of the video part and used the audio part for my slide sequences.

Second problem: The screen capture program worked fine except that is made a hash of the backgrounds and photos as I recorded the Power-Point sequence. This would never do. Therefore, I made a series of static slides, converted them to .jpg  graphic files from PowerPoint and added them to the video as images. I created some active transitions with the video software effects.

Third problem: No teleprompter. The video is scripted so I needed to follow the script closely without memorizing it. So I printed out the script in 48 point type and taped it to a flip chart just behind the camera. Problem solved. My notes were right where I could read them and it worked just fine.

There were other problems with lighting, battery life, etc. which I also overcame. As I write this the video is almost done and I’m expecting it to come out very well.

Like I said, if you see it, give me comments.

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