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Day 62 - Fixing the Airliner

When my wife and I were in Russia ten years ago, we flew on Aeroflot from Moscow’s Vnukovo Airport to Rostov-on-Don near the Black Sea. It was one of those unique experiences that I shall never forget.

When we approached the plane, after getting our papers checked for the umpteenth time, we noted that the paint was peeling off the fuselage. Not a good sign.

Inside, we found luggage racks like those found on trains in the United States, just an unenclosed flat area. Another not a good sign.

Then I sat down and my chair back sprang out of its socket. I discovered a bolt was loose and the chair back was swinging in the breeze. As I tried to get it back together, another passenger walked up, said, “I’ve got a screwdriver,” and proceeded to fix the chair back so I could sit down.

About this time they shut the cabin door and we prepared for takeoff.

I must say that after this inauspicious beginning, the flight was fine. The stewardesses served an excellent meal and the flight was uneventful. We arrived in Rostov on time and in one piece.

I must also admit that it was with a certain sense of relief that we climbed down the gangway and touched the tarmac with our feet.

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