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Day 61 - A Humbling Experience

It’s one thing to see the emails from the Internet Marketing gurus every so often. It’s one thing to see all the launch emails that come through, especially if you are on several marketing lists. There’s a distance between you and them. You don’t see their personalities much and you almost never see a picture of them unless it’s on a sales video.

It’s quite another to see them in person and on stage, like 400 of us did this weekend at Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula event in Scottsdale, Arizona. It is also quite another thing to hear and see the unknown marketers in tiny niches like selling paintings and selling herbal remedies who have had astounding successes with their marketing.

The stories each told were remarkable tales of adversity and dedication. Many were down to their last dollar when they gave marketing on the Internet a try and many built small successes into much larger wins.

After this event I can see marketing stars like Jeff Walker, Jeff Johnson, Rick Shefren, Joe Polish, Chris Haddad, and others as individuals who spend huge amounts of time developing their skills and creating results in a big way.  They are suddenly people who have families, problems, and concerns that all of us have. They are just way more successful.

The most fascinating people are the ones, just like you and me, who had a problem, needed money, and tried launching products as a way to raise what they needed. Many succeeded, many are still working at it, and many have just begun. The common thread is that all of them are taking action to make their dreams come true.

To be part of this crowd of achievers is an experience I will not soon forget.  It is very easy to dismiss this world as unreal. However, it is more real than many of our own worlds. Nobody is looking for status; they are open and real, available for discussions, and ready to help. Saying “hi” was an instant entree into a long discussion.

I learned more at this event, both from the speakers and the attendees than I have at any other single event I have ever attended. None of the speakers held anything back. None of them sold anything. They shared the good stories and sometimes the embarrassing stories of their rise to success. I got a lot of marketing tips and procedures that will be valuable for years to come.

This story is on this blog for a reason. I could have placed it on my Writing for Marketers blog but here it takes an honored place because great marketing is always about stories. It is about your story, your customer’s story, and your product’s story. The techniques I teach through my stories are the same techniques you use to create powerful marketing stories, like the people mentioned in this post produce.

Stories create emotional experiences alone and as part of sales sequences. Sales stories are stories in the classic sense, in that they follow all of the structural requirements, they affect emotion, they stay away from left brain data dumps, and they lead to sales, which power our economy.

As I listened to the speakers this weekend, it became all the more obvious that no matter how salesy a lot of these email promotions seem, they are all based solidly in creating emotional experiences that lead to sales. We can learn lessons for our own businesses from every one of them.

As I walked out the door of the ballroom, I noted the clumps of people conversing with each other scattered throughout the room, some of them people who have never made a dime, some of whom are millionaires, all of them human, all of them passionate about their businesses and their products, all of them jazzed as they got ready for the new week armed with new knowledge that would help them build their businesses.

To everyone who wasn’t there, you missed meeting incredibly smart and committed people who were incredibly easy to meet and connect with.

The title of this post is “A Humbling Experience” and for many of us that is what it was. Suddenly we were small frogs in a very large pond watching the masters in action. The incredible thing is that the masters want all the small frogs to become big frogs, just like them.

Humble? Yes. For now. Inspiring? Yes. Forever.

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