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                   --Lee Pound

Day 32 - A Peaceful Interlude

Dave’s life was busy from dawn to dusk. He often arrived home late, after dinner. He often rose early, before anyone in the family.

His wife Jane often complained about his “one-project after another” attitude. However, complaints changed nothing.

“I’ve got to get everything done,” he said one morning as he ran out the door at 6 a.m.

Jane watched him disappear into the car and then watched the car disappear around the corner. Back in the house, she called her best friend Mattie and said, “Can we have lunch?”

Jane and Mattie sat across from each other at the restaurant. Both ordered salads. Jane explained her problem with Dave. “What should I do?” she asked.

Mattie said, “The problem isn’t that he has too much to do. He just wants to please you. Do you ever compliment him?”

“Of course. Sometimes. When he’s really good.”


Jane shook her head.

That evening, when Dave arrived home at 8 p.m., Jane asked, “Did you have a good day?”

Dave said, “I got a lot done. There’s still more to catch up on.”

Jane said, “Good job, getting that much done.”

Dave gazed at her, surprised. “You’ve never said that before.”

“I mean it.”

The next day Dave left for work at 7 a.m. Jane didn’t mention the shift in time and Dave said nothing either. That night he arrived home at 7 p.m. “Get a lot done?” Jane asked.

“Yes I did,” Dave answered.

By the end of the week, Dave was leaving for work at 8 a.m., time enough to get him to the office at the required 9 a.m. On Friday he arrived home at 6 p.m. “Got a lot done,” he said. “Great,” Jane said.

Saturday morning he didn’t get up early. Jane asked, “Are you going to work?”

“No,” Dave said. “It can wait until Monday.”

“Let’s have lunch together,” Jane said.

They sat across the table from each other. Jane said, “You don’t seem to be working so hard any more.”

“I’m not,” Dave said. “You remember last week when you complimented me on getting my work done?”


“I went to work the next morning determined to make a change. It seemed like the work load was just too overwhelming. I had piles of paper on my desk, unfinished reports, and the boss bugging me for action. You see, most of the time I wasn’t working. I was shuffling and deciding once again to do this or that later in the day. That morning I made one change.”

“What was that?”

Dave said, “I closed the door and told my secretary not to send in any calls. Then I piled every piece of paper and every file into one pile and went through it page by page. I expected it to take hours. Instead after fifteen minutes, I had half the pile processed. Most of that mess was just filing that needed to be done and that I completed in minutes. I found two reports and completed them, the called my secretary and told her to stop holding my calls.”

“What does your office look like now?”

“Clean as they come. Well, still a few excess papers around. However, what needs to get done is getting done. And I’m getting home earlier to spend time with you and the kids. It was all I needed, that peaceful interlude when I put by busy life on hold and actually did what needed to be done. I do it every morning when I get to work now.”

Jane grinned and hugged Dave. “Congratulations,” she said. “And welcome home!” She paused. “Oh, by the way, there are a few piles of work to do around the house, too. Shall we go have a peaceful interlude together?”

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