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Day 306 - The Futility of Arguments

I just watched a show tonight called Marriage Refs. Now it really seems that TV is digging new ground, so much new ground that they are really stretching for it.

The show is all about a couple having an argument and then having three celebrities sort out who is right and who is wrong. In all three cases there was some right and wrong on both sides. The major problem seemed to be that neither party was willing to compromise and admit to their part in creating the problem.

The amazing thing is that arguments like these are what drives marriages apart. One person thinks he or she is being perfectly reasonable and will not hear that their activities are causing problems for the other spouse. The pumpkin man is a case in point. He was obsessed with growing big pumpkins, to the point that all he did and talked about was pumpkins. And he called them punkins. His wife was right that he needed to pay more attention to his family and that he needed to scale it back on the pumpkins. It’s a simple solution a possible big problem.

This show makes it clear that a bit of communication goes a long way. In marriage and in life we never get everything we want and we are never completely right or completely wrong. When you attempt to make everything black and white, he’s wrong and I’m right, she’s wrong and I’m right, you create a situation where neither party has anyplace to go. Life is all about give and take. Arguments arise from lack of give and take.

The moral of this story is that to succeed in a relationship, the parties need to work it out, not shout it out, if they want to stay together.

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