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Day 304 - Real Estate Sales Then and Now

It seems that as time goes on things get more and more complicated. Part of this may be because we live in a larger and more complex society but a lot of it is paperwork that has built up over the years to the point people are paranoid to have the least period out of place.

Real estate is a case to consider. I am at this moment selling a house in Placentia that belonged to my parents. The house is 80 years and my family owned it for the last 62 years, meaning that not a lot of work has been done on it in a very long time.

I remember the very first house I bought. The paperwork amounted to a few forms and some escrow instructions. Every refinance, sale and purchase since them has seen an increase in the pile of papers and the detail in the boiler plate that is attached to them covering everything from the possibility of earthquakes to possible golf balls coming over the fence, depending on where your house is.

Everything has to be exactly the way the bank wants it. Every possibility, including whether anyone ever died in the house, must be revealed. Even items the homeowner has no way to know must be revealed.

Anyway, we are wading through the paperwork and hopefully will come out the other side with a house sold and some money in the pocket. Will keep you posted.

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