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Day 303 - Learning the craft of writing

Writing well is more than just putting words on paper in a certain order. You can write a perfectly constructed sentence that is awful as far as the effect on the reader. Writing to influence the reader has much more to it than just words. It has specific words and sentences that do specific things at specific times in the story.

When I first started writing novels, I thought I knew the craft of writing pretty well. After all, I had been a newspaper reporter and editor for many years, written thousands of words, and influenced many writers.

However, as I got deeper into the novel writing, I realized that in spite of all the novels I had read, all the newspapers I had edited, I still knew little about suspense, plot and character development. It took years of writing and classes to build those skills to the point where they became natural.

If you are just beginning to write and think you know the craft of writing, think again. Writing is a profession just like any profession. It must be learned and practiced before you as a writer become good at it.

I’ve seen this replayed many times in the writers I work with. The same errors and omissions keep arising in writer after writer. It is only those with great experience and professionalism (or great editors) who succeed.

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