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Day 301 - Getting What You Want

My father was a person who usually got what he wanted. If it was forbidden, he figured out a way around it. One good example was the trip to Russia in the 1970s.

Remember, this was the height of the Communist era, when virtually everything was forbidden in Russia and the penalties for doing the forbidden were stiff. It seems that my parents visited the Hermitage Museum in Leningrad (St. Petersburg today), where photography is forbidden. My father was a photographer, a dangerous thing to be in super sensitive Russia of that day.

However, he wasn’t to be deterred. On the visit to the museum, he carried one of his small cameras in a bulky jacket. Again this was the 70s, when we didn’t have the tiny digital machines we have now. The camera had to be big enough to hold a roll of slide film. So he carried this camera in a strategic position and on occasion, when there was enough noise to hide the sound of the shutter, he took pictures in the Hermitage Museum. And he didn’t get caught.

This sounds like a foolish risk but that was how he operated. And it wasn’t so foolish because he had it pretty well figured out. Nobody would hear him or see him. And that was how it went.

 Now, my Dad wanted a picture. Most of us want something deeper such as business or personal success, money, influence, etc. For most of us there is risk involved in getting what we want. The best policy is to move forward in spite of the risk rather than let the risk deter us from doing what we need to do.

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