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Welcome to my story blog. I will post one new story here every day. You are welcome to comment on any or all of them. Enjoy!
                   --Lee Pound

Day 280 - My First Novel

I often refer to the first novel I ever wrote as being 600 pages in six weeks.

The story is that many years earlier I had an idea for a thriller novel set in Europe that involved an American newspaper reporter as the hero. I had even written a few pages but never followed up.

In the mid 1980s I separated from my first wife, got my first computer, and found those old notes, all at about the same time. The computer was a godsend, much easier that the typewriter, and much more adapted to my way of writing.

So every night when I came home from work, I sat down at that new computer and wrote that first novel, about two hours every night for six weeks and when I got done I had over 600 pages written.

That novel has actually never gone anywhere since it wasn’t that good. However, it did set off a few more and eventually led to my association with Sol Stein and my current career as a book editor and publisher.

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