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Day 277 - Complication

It is often said that the more complicated something is on the surface, the simpler it is underneath.

The writing business is filled with people trying to make the simplest concepts more difficult. A case in point is the difference in genres of mystery, romance, science fiction, and mainstream. Yes, there are differences in appearance but underneath they are mostly the same.

This has been my most profound discovery as a writing coach. A few others are:

Writing coaching is more like life coaching.

Writing a book is in reality designing a business.

Marketing your book is marketing your business.

Writing fiction and writing non-fiction are very similar processes.

Speaking is another form of writing. It is an oral first draft.

Writing is basic to virtually all Internet interaction.

You can probably think of more. The point is that the more you try to separate, the more the experts actually integrate. That’s why they succeed so grandly.

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