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Day 276 - Fifty Years of Change

Hard as it is to believe, Orange County, California, just 60 years ago, was a collection of tiny farming villages scattered among orange groves in the north and center and cattle ranches in the south. There were no freeways.  Most of the roads were two lanes stretching through miles of orange groves. Maybe 150,000 people lived there.

To get to downtown Los Angeles might take almost a day on Firestone Boulevard, which went past interminable towns and traffic signals on its way.

Placentia was one of the smallest of these villages, a two-block downtown lined with orange packing plants on the south and about four square blocks of homes on the north, built around 1910, many of them homes to the workers in the orange groves. Three streets to the north had newer houses and edged up to Valencia High School.

This was the community my parents arrived in in 1949. About 1,900 people lived in town and everyone knew everyone else. A small group of old families ran the city and the business district.

Fast forward 60 years.

Orange County has just over 3 million people, about 8% of the population of California. From La Habra in the north to San Clemente in the south it is solid cities, homes and commercial areas. Freeways tie everything together.

Placentia has close to 50,000 people. The northern part of town where I grew up is now the southern part of town. There is still a two-block business district downtown but there are many more shopping centers and business areas scattered around the city now.

Quite a change.

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  • Georgetta and Bayless’ kid

    :-(   I loved that street.  Way too much change

    • http://www.writingformarketers.com Lee Pound

      I remember it well too. Orange County is nothing like when we were growing up on Orange Grove Avenue.