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Day 274 - The Magic of Contact Lenses

Lots of people get contact lenses for a lot of reasons. I had worn glasses since the second grade for eyes that were really bad, as in seeing clearly for about half an inch. This meant I could see items that were very small very close up but distance was a huge problem.

I got so used to glasses they became a part of me and I never really considered trying to wear contacts until I met my wife 17 years ago and she suggested getting rid of the glasses.

The eye doctor cleared me for the contacts and fitted me. The odd part is that I wore them for the first time in public on my wedding day, May 1, 1994. All day people kept asking what was different about me. Most of them never noticed the glasses were missing.

As for me, the comfort of the contacts was amazing. My vision was much better and the constant lens cleaning and so forth was gone.

I often wonder why I never did it earlier but thank my wife for the suggestion.

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