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Day 273 - Dancing With the Stars Stories

It wouldn’t be a story blog if I didn’t take a look at the stories that came out of the Dancing With the Stars season that concluded tonight.

The big story of course is that football player Hines Ward won the trophy. However, there were a lot more stories of change, growth, and discovery that came out of the season.

Hines was part of one of the most dramatic stories. He had started out good but not wonderful as he transitioned from football to dance. He would win one week and do a so-so job the next. Then about the middle of the season he picked up steam, began to enjoy himself, and placed at or near the top almost every week. Then came the almost tragedy, an accident that seriously injured his professional dancing partner Kim’s neck and threatened to harm his chances right when he was on a roll. Kim came back and danced that Monday night and he got two perfect scores.

Ralph Macchio started out the season leading the crowd the first two weeks. Then he seemed to slow down, going from top to bottom to top to in the middle and making just enough mistakes to keep him from getting top scores. The week before the semi-finals he had a bad injury to a leg muscle and danced in heavy pain. The voters sent him to the semis but he again didn’t quite perform up to his standards and went home.

Kirstie Alley started the competition in poor shape. She began slow but week by week got better and better and thinner and thinner, going from mediocre scores to better scores and even better scores until finally in the last dance, she got a perfect score and second place in the competition. She went through falls, overwork, angry confrontations, but stuck with it, worked hard and improved week to week. She was by far the most improved of the finalists.

Romeo, who departed a few weeks ago, is a rapper and performer who started out unwilling to dance because ballroom dancing wasn’t cool among his crowd. It took a couple of weeks but he fell in love with dancing and improved week by week to become a stylish and sophisticated dancer. He even said he avoided going after some movie roles that involved dancing because he couldn’t do it. “That’s changed,” he said.

Then there is Chelsea Kane, the young Disney star whose grace and perfection was obvious from the very beginning. She had her ups and downs but always entertained. The judges said her technique was near perfect. She got near perfect scores the last few weeks and in the final competition scored a perfect 30 along with her two competitors. She did all she could to win and ended up in third place based on audience votes.

There are other stories as well of growth and disappointment. Each participant, whether they went home early or stayed for the finals, found that dancing, which was not part of any of their lives, changed them in ways they could never have expected.

The season was a job well done for everyone. There was no clear leader from week to week. Almost all of the stars led the competition at some point and then went home. However, they all did what all of us must do to succeed. They kept coming back week after week, worked through pain and injuries, disappointment and heartache, and cheers and accolades, getting better and better until like the stars they are, they one by one bowed out gracefully and thankfully until just one was left hoisting the mirror ball trophy high in the air.

And you thought this was just another reality TV show!

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