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Day 218 - Profitable Social Media Update

I’ve spent the last few months working hard on the latest draft of the Profitable Social Media book with Ed Philipp and Warren Whitlock.

It’s been fascinating to listen to all the interviews that Ed and Warren did for the book. The stories are fascinating and instructive. As I write up these interviews it is interesting to me how some of the top people in social media were complete unknowns a few years ago.

Most of them started just like the rest of us, by accident. Then they discovered a key truth about social media and went on to become huge influencers in their niches.

That truth is that social media is all about relationships and conversations. It is where we begin and nurture the conversation, not where we sell like hell.

This has been one of the most satisfying projects I have worked on in a long time (except of course for all my private book clients, every one of whom is writing a fascinating book). The result will make clear the relationship between social media, relationships, conversations, and profit.

Look for more shortly. Meanwhile, I’ll keep writing.

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