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Day 217 - Reaction Under Stress

It’s interesting how stress affects individuals in different ways.

Today we had our carpets cleaned. This involved removing most everything from the floors, damp carpets and a lot of noise for a long period of time. We have four animals, three cats and a dog, all of which reacted very differently to this upset in their routines.

Manchitas, the dog, was bothered by the noise but was happy to see the carpet cleaner. She hung around; staying away from the noisy vacuum, but wasn’t too bothered. After it was over she was fine.

Pusskitty hid under the bed, as usual, until everything was over. About an hour after the noise went away, he came out and seemed just fine.

Shadow hid in my office, behind the computer monitor. After a while he came out and sat on my lap as if that was where he could get the most comfort and protection. After the noise stopped, he came downstairs to investigate what had happened and seemed fine after that.

Chico, the youngest cat, an orange tabby, had never seen carpets cleaned before. While the noise was going, he disappeared, no idea where he went. After everything was over, he seemed more agitated and spent a lot of time exploring around, jumping at noises, and trying to figure out what had just happened.

These three reactions happen in people who are stressed out as well. Some handle it well, just letting the stressful event happen then moving on. Others hunker down during the stress. Some hide out and change personality. Some become permanently scared and skittish for a long time, afraid it might happen again.

Which one are you?

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