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Day 216 - The Mayor Makes How Much?

Back in the 1950’s, when I was growing up, my Dad, Ray Pound, was mayor of Placentia, California. In those days it was a small town lost in the orange groves east of Fullerton and was mostly where the laborers who worked the groves lived.

He was also a professional photographer who mostly did rodeo photography and portrait photography, which is how he made his money. His darkroom was in a room behind the garage and a temporary studio was in a building even further back on the lot.

As mayor he was paid the princely sum of $5 per month, which was very little money even in the 1950’s.

I remember one of the neighbor children came by the house one day and saw all the camera equipment, which was quite impressive. He said, “I wish my dad was mayor so he could have all these cameras!”

This is a great example of the popular misconception that all politicians must have money. Certainly some do make good salaries and even some, such as in the recent City of Bell scandal, siphon out much more than they deserve.

However, most local officials serve on councils, boards and commissions with little reward and less recognition. How many of you can even name all the planning commissioners in your city? Without these men and women, like my dad in the 1950’s, our communities couldn’t function and our lives would be that much poorer.

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