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Day 154 - An Ethical Dilemma

Here’s a dilemma for you.

How do you get a person to quiet down when they do not want to quiet down?

Here’s the problem. A man lived next door to my mother in Placentia for many years. Among other problems which we won’t mention here, he played music very loudly whenever he got depressed, so loud that it could be heard five or six houses away, sometimes at very early hours in the morning.

This went on for years. Nothing helped. Calling the police was mostly useless because he had a tall fence around the house and locked the gate. They couldn’t get in to quiet him down. Phoning made no difference because he never answered the phone. Yelling over the fence just made him play the music louder.

As we discovered, when a person is inaccessible in his house, there is very little anyone can do to make him turn off the music.

So here’s the ethical question. Should someone be allowed to act with impunity in their house when it creates a hellish situation for the neighbors?

Ask yourself how you would like to be awakened by a blast of music at 3 a.m. that doesn’t stop. What would you do in such a situation?

We never really did find a solution. Eventually he would quite down some, even not making a peep for several months. Then he would start up again, totally unpredictably.

I can’t tell you what has happened recently. My mother passed away three years ago and the place is rented now.

I’m sure there a lots of people facing this situation and just as many causing this situation. I’d love to hear what you think.

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