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Day 153 - The Hottest Day

This certainly wasn’t the hottest day ever but for us it came pretty close.

We were in Villahermosa, Mexico about 12 years ago, just down the mountain from San Cristobal de las Casas, and had planned to visit the Olmec exhibits in the area.

However, as we drove down the mountain, the air got hotter and hotter until by the time we drove into the city, it was almost unbearable. By the way, Villahermosa is in Tabasco state and you know how hot Tabasco sauce is. The city was like that. It was so hot and humid that instead of stopping, we kept driving until we found a hotel with air conditioning and took refuge.

This may be a perfectly pleasant city to visit but the heat was so overwhelming and humid that we just couldn’t stay.

I wish we had because there are fascinating archaeological finds to see there, including some of the earliest carvings in the Americas, huge stone heads that stare inscrutably, hiding a perhaps fascinating history.

I suspect we will go back one day, when it isn’t quite so hot, and enjoy it more.

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