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Day 149 - The First Recorded King, 5000 Years Ago

The first king of Egypt is also one of the first recorded kings in history of who we have actual evidence that he lived and ruled.

His name was Menes. Or was it Narmer or Aha or maybe something else. Archaeologists still disagree on the details. We do know that about 3200 years BC somebody with one or more of those names unified Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt into one kingdom that lasted for nearly 3000 years before the Romans finally put an end to it.

One earlier Egyptian king has been identified, known to us as “Scorpion.” His real name? Who knows. Archaeologists suspect he was a predecessor of Menes, or whatever his name was. They do know he was real because they have found artifacts from his reign.

Menes is also recorded as the first king of the First Dynasty by Manetho, who recorded a long list of all the Egyptian kings, divided into 30 dynasties and ending with Cleopatra.

It’s true that the Sumerians in what is now Iraq made a list of kings going tens of thousands of years back into the mists of time but none of those kings has been verified by archaeological findings.

Therefore the first king in the first dynasty in the first country in the world was named Menes and he ruled for 30 or 40 years. Over the several hundred years after his reign, dynasties popped up in Sumeria, Babylon, the Indus Valley and eventually China, one after the other.

Kings as an institution lasted until the present and kings as absolute rulers only disappeared less than a century ago.

Quite an institution, monarchy, lasting 5000 years and still going, haltingly. By the way, all those dictators out there? They’re just kings without a crown. Some of them even leave the office they held to their sons, just like kings. And some of these were Communists, the very antithesis of royalty, yet even they carried on regal traditions.

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