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Welcome to my story blog. I will post one new story here every day. You are welcome to comment on any or all of them. Enjoy!
                   --Lee Pound

Day 123 - 'Twas Christmas Eve and the Stores Were A-Bustle

‘Twas Christmas Eve and the stores were a-bustle
As shoppers jockeyed to grab that last gift.
Buyers locked in a last minute tussle
As through the goods they did sift.

The registers rang with almighty strength
And all through the store the lines grew in length
The credit cards flew, the packages multiplied
Until at closing time the relieved customers sighed.

Busily that night, while the kids watched TV
Parents rushed the presents to wrap, wrap, wrap
Afraid that under the tree no packages the kids would see
and in one great frenzy unwrap.

Then Christmas Day dawned, crisp and light
The tree decorated and brightly lit
The kids eating breakfast, filled with anticipation bright
While the parents around the tree do sit.

And what of that day, with its promise so great
What of the packages, created with such sweat
What of the day’s meaning, carrying such weight
After all, this was just another calendar date.

And all through the day, packages were opened
By families with subtle messages unread
Performing a ritual on which societies depended
For their ration of daily bread.

And what of that message, which few bother to hear
Of redemption, peace, love and acceptance
A message that resonates past its two thousandth year
If the world would but give it a chance?

All the hustle and bustle, the mad rush to the stores
Makes so little sense to those people and their chores
Where the message of family and community
Still resonates with seeming immunity.

Let’s return to that message, let’s forget the commercials
Let’s take care of each other in the way we do best
Each parent and child, each uncle and aunt, draws on wells
Of love to make this Christmas the merriest!

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