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Day 120 - Rain and Trees

You’ve all seen the stories about rain and trees. Every time it rains, you see photos of downed trees on the news and maybe a car smashed up. However it all seems rather remote.

This morning it became real. As I mentioned yesterday, we are in the middle of a long siege of rain and, although this doesn’t match winter elsewhere in the United States, the rain has caused a lot of real problems.

My wife looked out the front door this morning and called up to me, “There’s a tree in the front yard!”

We went out and looked. It was still raining so we got soaked in the process. I was just about to head out to meet my business partner and work on our Go For The Gold seminar. It turns out that one of the trees on our berm had fallen down straight toward our house. The top of the tree was just a few feet from both of our cars, which were parked in the driveway. A crew arrived shortly to trim the remains of the tree so we could get our cars out of the driveway.

From falling trees being just a remote possibility, we suddenly had a real one that could have done real damage. You see, my wife parked her car in the driveway last night instead of on the street. The tree fell right where her car would have been parked.

The other irony is that my sister drove part way in from Colorado yesterday. They were originally planning to come all the way but ended up stopping in Needles, California for the night. If they had arrived last night, their car would have been parked in front of the house and might have been hit by the tree.

This just shows that no matter where you live, no matter how mild the weather might seem compared to other areas, real people still get hurt or damaged by weather. Southern California is no exception. We may not get snow and ice and hurricanes and tornados. However, we do get rain, mudslides, fires, floods, falling trees, and earthquakes.

So take your pick. We all have our problems.

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