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Belief and Marketing

Most people think that they can tell truth from falsehood when in fact they are telling belief from unbelief. This difference can be exploited by the savvy marketer.

It is well-known that emotion sells, not facts. Yet truth is determined from the overwhelming facts in its favor while belief is in most cases emotional, based on what we have heard from trusted sources, our innate tendencies to believe, and our desire to be correct.

It is also well-known that people will generally dismiss facts that do not mesh with their beliefs. Most people will protest that this is not true then go ahead and do it anyway.

What does this mean for marketing? (And by implication for writing and selling books) Clearly to be effective, you must cater to emotions and beliefs whether you accept them or not. A good editor can objectively edit a book or article he or she disagrees with. That disagreement will not be communicated to the client except in passing. We want people to read our material so we need to meet them where their passions are.

It is unfortunate but true that the best marketers cater to the deepest emotions to create the strongest reactions. This is why you see so many books on the political left and right ranting at each other. The committed believers want to read more of what they believe and want to hear the other side demonized because that validates their beliefs. It matters not that the arguments on both sides are distorted with misinformation, opinion masquerading as fact, and critical omissions of relevant information.

If you want to sell, find the emotion that animates the people you want to sell to and feed it to them. You will be amazed at what happens.


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