Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my story blog. I will post one new story here every day. You are welcome to comment on any or all of them. Enjoy!
                   --Lee Pound

Write Now, While You Can


Too many people put off doing what they want to do in favor of doing what everyone else wants them to do. Let’s remember that we¬† have only the present moment to make a difference in the world. We may not have tomorrow and yesterday is far too late.

When you say you will start that […]

Be a Good Listener to be a Good Writer


One of the most important skills a good writer has is being a good listener. The best ideas for articles and short stories come from listening to what others are talking about. The best ideas for dialogue come from listening to others talk.

By listening you find out how others argue, convince, cajole, and sulk. All […]

A Concert... or Something Else?

The best stories have depth of subplotting. Here’s how it […]

Changing the old for the new

We often need to change the old for the new in order to […]

Speaking and Writing


The most powerful means of communication we have available to us are speaking and writing. We speak and write all day every day, whether we notice it or not. The difference between influential speakers and writers and everyone else is focus.

The Secret to Emotional Speaking and Writing

Deep emotional connections are the result of feeling our own deep emotions, acknowledging them and letting them […]

Writing With Emotional Depth


A key element of writing is to touch the deep emotions of your readers as much as possible. If you do this you are more likely to get your words read because your readers will relate to what you have to say at a deeper level.

The Key to Writing Well


The biggest single key to writing well is to stop paying so much attention technique and pay more attention to connection.

Emotion in Writing


I keep talking about emotion in writing. However, the key is not to put emotion in writing but to evoke emotion in your reader by using story techniques.

Stories we tell ourselves


Some of the best fiction is the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves.

In case you doubt this, just remember the last time you assumed something about another person on very little evidence. Did the answer just seem to arrive in a flash? Were you absolutely convinced in an instant?

Most people tend to make up stories […]