Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my story blog. I will post one new story here every day. You are welcome to comment on any or all of them. Enjoy!
                   --Lee Pound

Social Media and Writing


One of the most important venues for writing today is social media. On it you can write posts, stories, even whole books if you want to .

Writing as Marketing


Your writing is generally your best marketing tool. It puts your ideas in a simple, easy to follow format that anyone can access and read.

Writing is a Process, Not an Event


When writing, we pursue an ongoing process that consists of writing, rewriting, editing, submitting, and resubmitting. Many writers think that you just write it once and you are done. In fact that is just the beginning.

The Computer Age and Writers


Just a short 20 years ago computers did not exist in most homes. Most people and business owners got along just fine without them, or so it seemed. After all, we didn’t know any better.

Today both writers and business owners spend huge chunks of time on the computer. This was brought home very clearly today […]

Writing Patterns


Writing a book and writing a story follow much the same pattern. You grab attention, create a great character, create suspense, and provide a lesson or call to action.

Stories Can Be Any Length


For those who may think that you need to write a lot to write an effective story, it is possible to write a complete story in a tweet of 140 characters. It is possible to write one in a few words. The key is that there be some kind of character or action involved.

Writing is a Business


Like most thinkgs we do that at times seem fun, writing is a business and a very big business at that. The dollars surrounding books, articles, screenplays, and so forth must run to billions of dollars. We as writers are simply holding our hands out to grab some of that money as flows past. We […]

A Wonderful Dancing With the Stars Story


So far this season, Dancing With the Stars has had one of the overall best quality casts I’ve seen yet. I remember being very surprised when on the second night of dancing nobody got under an eight score, unheard of on the show.

Tonight’s performances. although not all up to that standard, show the cast is […]

The Road to Influence


Although writing and speaking are important ways to gain credibility, they are just part of what you need to do. I’m putting together an ebook on this subject that teoos you how to use all of the attention getters in a specific way to become well-known in your niche. Watch here for more on this […]

Sunday Writing Tip


If you want to create emotional connection in your writing, use stories.