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January, 2012 | 365 Stories In a Year (and a whole lot more)
Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my story blog. I will post one new story here every day. You are welcome to comment on any or all of them. Enjoy!
                   --Lee Pound

Top 10 Travel Destinations for Writers

The ten best destinations for […]

The Best Way to Capture Your Readers


Writing is an emotional process. The more you bring your emotional content to the table in your writing, the more people you will attract. This does not mean crying allover the page, it means touching on the items your reader cares the most about. How do you find this out? Look at what the most […]

Sunday's Writing Tip


One of the biggest mistakes writers make is to use the word “I” too much. Writers are writing to influence their readers. Nobody cares what the writer thinks, only what the writer’s words can do to help them lead a better life.

Make the word “you” a part of your writing practice and you will attract […]

Change - The Writer's Most Powerful Subject

People claim they don’t want change yet virtually every book we read deals withchange in some […]

The Big Reason to Write


Writers most often write because the want to. However, many people writer because they have a bigger goal in mind. They may have something they are passionate about or a message they want to get out to the world.

However, the biggest reason to write is to make a difference with your words. This doesn’t mean […]

Today's Writing Tip


If you are feeling blocked and unable to write, remember that this is caused not by physical blocks but by our conscious mind censoring the ideas arising from our subconscious mind.

Several ways to break these blocks are:

1. Start typing, even if it is nonsense.

2. Write down the first words that come to mind and then […]



People set all kinds of milestones so here is a meaningless one.

This is the 520th post in a row on this blog, one a day, every day.

That’s a lotĀ of writing!

Some Items to Watch Out for in Your Writing


After editing lots of books, a few items always seem to need correcting that are not usually obvious to the writer.

Some of them are:

1. Repetition of phrases, sentences or whole stories in the book.

2. Flabby writing, using far more words than are necessary to make your point.

3. Poor formatting. Pick a style and run with […]

The Final Edit


Writers preparing a book for publication should be aware that you can over edit your work. I’ve known people who go over their material time and time again, changing a few words here and there, and then go over it again.

Yes, rewriting is important. However, there is a time to stop and send it out. […]

Trying Too Hard to be a Good Writer


A lot of writers never become good enough because they are trying too hard. The best way to improve writing skills is to write. If it doesn’t sound good, write it again until it does sound good.

One of the things drilled into me by my mentor is that writing is rewriting. A first draft will […]