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Welcome to my story blog. I will post one new story here every day. You are welcome to comment on any or all of them. Enjoy!
                   --Lee Pound

Stop! Do not make New Year's resolutions. Here's why:

Try a new way to make and keep resolutions this year because the old way doesn’t […]

Which is Better, Commercial or Self Publishing?

The choice between commercial and self publshing is a difficult one that must be made with the best interests of the author in […]

A Good Old-Fashioned Story Makes All the Difference

How a good story told well might save a struggling zoo and all the animals in […]

Are Printed Books More Popular Than eBooks?

Are printed books still more popular than ebooks? A quick poll shows an emphatic […]

Are People Really Reading Less?

Are people really reading less today? Statistics say no, they are still reading. However, they are reading in many different […]

Writing for Pleasure is a Great Way to Learn

Writing for pleasure is a great way to improve your writing […]

The Next Steps in Your Future

What are the next steps you will take to make your future a […]

Ask and You Will Receive


One of the biggest problems with most writing is that it doesn’t ask the reader to do anything. A writer can create a wonderful opinion piece, “how to” piece, or fiction but if the last item, the call to action, is left off, the piece will fail.

The phrase in the title may be Biblical in […]

The Twelve Verbs of Christmas


We use a lot of words to describe various holidays. In fact, the word holiday is rooted in the┬áterm holy day. However, since many holidays are secular, we don’t use that description any more. Christmas is one of those holidays that is religious in nature but has become a secular shopping season as well.

Therefore here […]

The Types of Writing You Can Do


There lots of way you can write in today’s world. All of these qualify as writing even though the medium might be different because the words are scripted or partially scripted.

Here are a lot of them, by no means all:




Social Media Posts


Speaking (it’s a first draft, maybe second)


Sales Letters

Conversations (first drafts for sure)

Newspaper articles

Press Releases

Let […]