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October, 2011 | 365 Stories In a Year (and a whole lot more) - Part 2
Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my story blog. I will post one new story here every day. You are welcome to comment on any or all of them. Enjoy!
                   --Lee Pound

Do You Have a Good Story?

Everyone has stories that can inspire others to […]

Five things that make reading a book worthwhile


There are a lot of reasons to read a book. However, here are my favorite five.

1. Discover new information about an area you are fascinated with.

2. Be entertained.

3. Learn a new skill.

4. Get away from the rough and tumble of work.

5. Explore a subject you’ve never explored before.

Nothing Happens Until Someone Takes Action


A lot of people could accomplishgreat things if they would just start. However, that seems to be the biggest flaw in most people: They can’t seem to get started. They are always wondering if they will fail, hurt someone, make a mistake, or cause a problem.

The answer is of course, yes they will, all of […]

The Five Greatest Stories Ever Told


You may disagree over the order in which these appear but these five stories have lasted longer than virtually any others in the history of the world.The ranking is based in story power and staying power, not on the content or statements that may be contained therein. All of them are classic Hero’s Journey narratives […]

The Power of Clean


It has struck me over the last few weeks how many people who don’t get much done are also not very organized. When you walk into a CEO’s office, especially of a very large corporation, you usually find a clean desk and an efficient secretary (executive assistant).

Many failing entrepreneurs have exactly the opposite, a messy […]

The true power of stories


The more events I attend and the more people I hear, the clearer it becomes that stories are the emotional connection that powers sales and marketing.

I’ve talked about this before but it bears repeating. The story creates a direct emotional connection between the buyer and seller in a way that just facts can never duplicate. […]

The Writer's Dilemma


First, let’s be clear about what writing is. It is using words to communicate ideas and information, no matter what medium you use. A video is written (a first draft in many cases) just as much as a blog post. Writing is meant to convey information, persuade, or entertain, or all three at the same […]

Writing is Comunication


Writing is not a goal unto itself .Most of the time it is a means to an end, communication.

Most writing is designed to convince, propose, ask, determine, or otherwise influence someone to do something.


Writing is About Creating Emotional Involvement


The truth is that all buying decisions, whether product or ideas, are made on emotion rather than facts. We tend to justify our decisions with facts but the decision itself is based on what we want, our fears, desires, and deep beliefs.

For marketers this is good news. For novelists and non-fiction writers it is good […]

The Best Stories


We say stories are an essential way to create emotional involvement. However, some stories are better than others.

Your story must touch the reader’s emotions to work properly. If it is too self centered, that is, has too much of your “I” in it, the reader will not be interested. It must touch on the reader’s […]