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March, 2011 | 365 Stories In a Year (and a whole lot more)
Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my story blog. I will post one new story here every day. You are welcome to comment on any or all of them. Enjoy!
                   --Lee Pound

Day 219 - My First "Computer"

365 Stories in a Year: Certain industries were using computers long before IBM first machine arrived on […]

Day 218 - Profitable Social Media Update

365 Stories in a Year: Profitable Social Media is close to […]

Day 217 - Reaction Under Stress

365 Stories in a Year: Individual people and animals react differently under stress. Which reactions do you […]

Day 216 - The Mayor Makes How Much?

365 Stories in a Year: Local elected officials salaries may not be out of line in most […]

Day 215 - If There's a Chance You Can do it, Say Yes


I’ve gotten a long way in life because on several important occasions I said yes to an offer of work I wasn’t necessarily prepared for.

We often hear that we have to get training, a degree, have experience, and so forth before we can get a job. My experience is exactly the opposite. I got the […]

Day 214 - The Difference Between Wanting to Do Something and Doing It


As I contemplate the last seven months of writing one story a day, it becomes very clear that what I am doing is nothing special. In fact it is what every successful person does every day of their lives. It’s also the reason there aren’t that many successful people, by whatever measure they use on […]

Day 213 - Researching Your Novel


Many people think they can just sit down and write a novel. After all, it’s fiction so it’s all made up, isn’t it?

Yes and no.

Most fiction is set in recognizable places such as Stephen King’s Maine villages or in the case of many novels, Southern California. For instance Sue Grafton’s alphabet mysteries are set in […]

Day 212 - Highly Unusual Spring Weather


We’ve had some highly unusual weather since Spring arrived last Monday.

Usually by now it is turning warm, the sun stays out and the evenings are pleasant.

However, over the weekend and Monday we had one of the strongest storms to come through Southern California all winter. There was snow in the mountains, rain all over, thunderstorms […]

Day 211 - How Flimsy is our History


I’ve always been fascinated by the history of the world and by the history of families. If you read the history books, it seems like we have it pretty well down, year by year.  Yet, when you get below the superficial aspects of rulers and wars and other movements, much of our very recent past […]

Day 210 - The Relatives are Coming!


Andre dreaded the first two weeks in July, when his wife’s parents drove down from New Hampshire to spend two weeks with them at the Cape Cod cottage.

“This year it’ll be different,” he thought. “Gotta keep control, gotta keep control.”

Sue and John Wilberforce weren’t bad people. In fact they were bright and cheery. Andre simply […]