Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my story blog. I will post one new story here every day. You are welcome to comment on any or all of them. Enjoy!
                   --Lee Pound

Day 7 - Where were the Kokerboom Trees?

365 Stories in a Year: How a missed turn at the Kokerboom Forest in southern Namibia lead to a friendship and great research for a […]

Day 6 - On the Way to Alaska

If you want to write a quick vignette to use in a larger piece, do a story like […]

Day 5 - My Dad, a Job, and the Depression

365 stories in a year: At the height of the Great Depression in 1936, my dad Ray Pound graduated from college and went looking for a job. Here’s what […]

Day 4 - Planning Ahead

It’s Melanie’s wedding day and she’s taken care of everything, every detail. Except […]

Day 3 - A Crisp Fall Evening

This is a classic story of age misunderstanding youth. Watch what happens when an elderly recluse meets a young neighborhood girl by […]

Day 2 - Serendipity At Work

365 stories in a year: This is a story about the phone call that changed my life in November 1977 and how such chance incidents can change […]

Day 1 - I Have to Do That?

Sylvester discovers that he can’t write a story because he’s afraid of missing a looming deadline. Then he gets unexpected words of […]

A Story a Day For a Year??


You heard me right. Beginning today I’m going to post a new story every day for the next year.

This wasn’t an easy decision given that I’m writing or editing three books, running a coaching business, running my part of a seminar business and speaking a lot.

However, I’ve been writing and talking about writing for a […]